The dog days….

Mondays are always such dog days….back to the grind….the first of five loooong days until the weekend. But yesterday was NOT any other dog day!

I always considered myself a pretty adventurous person…. I mean, I painted my nails flourescent pink last week…. and there may have been 1 or 2 times that I have gone to bed without brushing my teeth. Pretty crazy, I know! ok, but seriously, last night I had a very WIIIILLD night (pronounced like Jennifer Grey in the car with Patrick Swayze on thier way to practice the lift).  Hubby and I decided we were too tired to cook dinner so we went out for a quick bite at a local italian wine bar (Vinoteca in Los Feliz, great little joint!). Our first split glass of wine turned into another glass each and before we knew it we were feeling pretty good. On our way home we ran into Greek Theater concert traffic. As I was thinking of all the fun everyone sitting in traffic was about to have, I whipped out my phone to see who was performing…oh my gosh… Florence and the Machine!! We love her!! I looked at my husband and said “we’re going!” I mean, why not?! You only live once, right? and hey, everyone keeps telling us to enjoy our “freedom” before we have kids. What’s a better way to do that?!  So we turned around and went!! PJ was brave enough to scalp the tickets while I watched safely from our parked car across the street praying to God that he wouldn’t get arrested. $150 bucks later we had 6th row seats to see Flo!  Not prepared for the evening chill we bought these very warm, and VERY COOL,  sweatshirts that say “cosmic love” on the back….sweet! By the way, the sweatshirts cost more than the tickets!

We had an awesome time! Flo was great, she’s super talented and I must add, a pretty snappy dresser. All of my iphone pics came out pretty crappy so I found this pic online. Absolutely love her color choices. Her dress was a golden yellow and so pretty and flo-wy (pun intended) with this whimsical cape attached. And she had this great turquoise collar tied on. Got me thinking of what a great color combo for event decor!! Very bright and festive without being too traditional …great for a modern birthday party or a beachy summer wedding. Here’s the best shot I could find but it really doesn’t do the colors justice. Looked great with her red lips too!

So, here’s to spontaneity and being adventurous. I had such a great night that I will remember for a long time. AND I have the best husband in the world! Seriously! Sorry ladies but I totally scored!! A perfect night to remind us of our cosmic love……


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One Response to The dog days….

  1. meg says:

    yay!!! I love wild nights like this! so fun

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