band-ed together

I had dinner with two of my dearest friends the other night, Rebecca and  her amazingly wonderful fiance John (he made me say that) ….Rebecca inspired today’s post.  Rebecca and John are engaged to be married in a few months and Rebecca just recently purchased her GORGEOUS diamond wedding band.  It’s really ridiculously beautiful!!  Get this, she tells me at dinner that she sleeps with it on every night because she loves it so much and can’t wait to wear it for real.  Since you don’t know Rebecca you’re probably thinking she is a bit of a nut (I know that’s what I would think if I heard this story about someone else) and well, you might be right. But not so much a nut as a freaking riot!  And here’s the best part… She proceeds to tell me how she forgot to take it off one day and wore it to work! OH.  EM.  GEE!  So being the sane and intelligent person that she is, she put the ring in her pocket so no one would see it. IN HER POCKET!!!  who does that?!  It cost thousands of dollars!! She cracks me up!!

Rebecca’s got 2 more months, so for her, and for all of you brides to be who can’t get that diamond band on soon enough. Or for those of you who just love a little (or alot) of bling, here’s some of my favorites.  ENJOY!

                                                             Tiffany & Co.


Jacob and Co.




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One Response to band-ed together

  1. Matt Kunitz says:

    Funny blog about our crazy friend.

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