Once A Cat Always A Cat!

Today’s post is inspired by an event I attended last night for my Alma Mater, Villanova University.  They hosted a super cool and hip event for alums on the Warner Bros lot.  The event was called “SUPER ‘NOVA, the next generation”….and they served these cute champagne cocktails called “supernovas” (I ate that up)! The school is making some drastic improvements to the campus and this was a push to raise money to help pay for the improvements and for the next generation of the University.  The President of the school spoke and showed an amazing video about what ‘Nova does for it’s students and what they want to do to make Villanova “the best Villanova it can be”.  The President shared AMAZING stories about past and current students that are literally changing the world. It was so inspiring and made me feel special to be an alum amoung people of such distinction. I mean he was telling stories about how the students traveled to a remote village in South America that didn’t have water so the students went back to class and figured out how to get water to the village and then went back and built the system…and another group taught the people of the village how they can keep the water clean so they would be self sufficient.  They’re literally changing the world!! Crazy!  Now maybe it’s because I was a cheerleader and always had tons of school spirit (see thats me on the left at a basketball game….do you hear “Glory Days” playing in the background?)but I think we all should be tremendously proud of our schools and that we earned our degrees which we often take for granted.  Today’s post is to remind us all to be significant, make a difference, and don’t forget where you came from. Don’t ever forget what that diploma means, how hard you worked to get it and what you have accomplished by receiving it.  You’ve earned the right to make a difference, no go do it!  Be different, be exceptional, give back and don’t forget how you got where you are today.  ……Go Cats!


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