Johnny Be Good

Saw an article on Huffington Post last night about groomzillas and started cracking up!! You see, my dear friend John is getting married in a few months and some might call him groomzilla, but those of us who know him choose to fondly call him… GroomDetail. John is a very unique groom and in my opinion, one of the greatest grooms any girl could ever ask for. John is a television producer and treats his wedding as one of his TV productions, but not in an over-the-top manner, he does it in a way where he cares to make every piece of the day just perfect. To me (and to his fiancée….most of the time) John is a dream! He is not only a perfectionist but has a pointed vision about highlighting the right moments and making sure its personal and romantic, AND he wants everyone to have the most fun they have ever had at a wedding….EVER! An example of John’s careful and detailed approach is when the venue coordinator mentioned having jars of lemonade and iced tea for the guests during the ceremony, he said he wanted to taste it first. Really? Although, I have to say in his defense, it was lavender scented lemonade. But come on, do you not love his thoroughness? One night when my husband and I were having dinner with John and his fiancee, I was defensive of her and said “Let her decide, she has been planning this in her mind for 20 years” and John’s response was, “So have I!!!” …….and for that, and MANY other reasons, I love our GroomDetail !!

In all seriousness, this is a very interesting article and I LOVE that grooms are getting more involved. After all, a wedding is about TWO people joining their lives, not about a gal throwing an exuberant bash.


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2 Responses to Johnny Be Good

  1. John says:

    Bravo to Groom Detail!!!! He is an inspiration to us all!!!!!!

  2. courtney trent says:

    That was an amazing post. Totally well written and a great story.

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