Calla Bouquet

One of my brides is requesting an all white calla lily bouquet for her summer wedding so I’ve been looking at millions of bouquets all morning. Here’s some of my faves so far, thought I’d share.

These first 2 shots are courtesy of Christine Arnold Photography.  Here’s a good shot of the bride holding this one…..

This one is from…

Here’s a gorgeous cascading calla bouquet for a more traditional bride from …

This one is what you call a Glamelia. Glamelias used to be very popular in the 40’s & 50’s and in many countries they are still synonymous with “bridal bouquet.”  Basically it is individual petals or blooms (usually rose or gladiola petals) wired together to form one large blossom. Gorgeous!  Found this one in an old In Style Weddings mag I had. Just LOVE it!!!


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3 Responses to Calla Bouquet

  1. SoYoung says:

    this one is my favorite!

  2. hillary says:


  3. Karen says:

    Love all of these!!!!!!!

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