Autumn is Here!

Bring it on mother nature!!!

So excited to start my favorite season of the year, AAANNND I get to do it in New York City!! Holla!! I can’t wait to actually see the leaves turn colors!  LA is beautiful and all, but NYC wins the Fall battle every time. Palm trees just don’t give that cozy fall vibe, ya know?  To me Fall is the perfect time for dinner parties (whatever city you’re in), so I’m currently swooning over oodles of Pinterest pages dreaming up all of the wonderful dinner parties I’m going to throw!  Who wants to come over?

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Jaime Byrne Events offers full service event design and production services, as well as fundraising consulting and gala production.
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One Response to Autumn is Here!

  1. lulu says:

    Good ideas you’ve shared and none are overwhelming.

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