Dracula’s Dentures

dracula dentures

I love all of the spooky and creepy recipes that people make for their Halloween parties this time of year.  Every year I say I’m going to do a fun dinner party or make some fun treats but it always turns out to be an extra busy time for work and I can never seem to fit in a party of my own.  This year I was determined to at least make a fun recipe with my little one.  I saw this cute and SUPER EASY Halloween cookie idea online and since Madison was sick last week, I thought I would try this activity with her while we were stuck in the house.  Thank gaahhhdd she’s finally feeling better….I think we both might’ve lost our minds if we had to stay inside one more day!!  Anyway, here’s the recipe…it’s super easy and fun!

Start with your favorite chocolate chip cookie. I went to this brand new place in our Brooklyn ‘hood and let me tell you, they don’t mess around when it comes to chocolate chip cookies, or any cookie for that matter! 

Other ingredients: Frosting (you can make your own or take the easy route and get store bought like I did), food coloring, mini marshmallows, and slivered almonds.

First, very carefully cut the cookies in half. 

Color your frosting with red food coloring. You’ll need to be very generous on the coloring otherwise it will look pink and these cookies really stand out when they’re bright red.

This was a good part to have my little one help with.

But she kinda just ended up eating all of it! IMG_1253

Spread the frosting on both halves of the flat side of the cookie.

Stick on your mini marshmallows so they look like teeth.

Place the other frosted half on top of the “teeth” so it sticks. 

You should have some nice dentures at this point. Then dip the tip of a slivered almond into the frosting and stick it into the frosting on the top cookie.

And there you have it…. Dracula’s Dentures!!  Easy, right?! and super cute!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! 


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5 Responses to Dracula’s Dentures

  1. mineall6 says:

    This looks like a fun treat to make! And easy to do.

  2. Amanda Bella says:

    Hahaha aww, these are SO cute!!

  3. Beth says:

    These are way too cute!! love it. The kiddos would love doing this.

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