I’m back!!

Hey guys! I know I’ve been terrible about keeping up with blog posts lately, but there’s nothing like an Emmy red carpet to pull me back in!  I mean, those gowns!  I just die fawning over all of them. I had to post my favorites today. 

First up, Sarah Hyland in this gorgeous Zac Posen, marsala colored gown was my absolute favorite. She did everything right…hair, nails, rings, earrings, make-up. Absolute perfection!

s hyland

Kerry Washington was also a stunner in this Marc Jacobs’ gown. What I loved most was that this gown was right off of the NY Fashion week runway and Kerry looks even better than the model! Not to say that this model isn’t beautiful, but Kerry has all the right junk in all the right places to make this dress stun. Go girl!


And here are my other favorites. Rainbows, jumpsuits, light colors, dark colors…..I LOVE how much diversity we saw, yet it was all still so elegant. Well done Emmy fashion, well done.

january jones jamie alexander guiliana rancic regina king  ariel winter lady gaga

Now that my toddler is in pre-school (waahhhh!) I have much more free time on my hands and plan to keep up with more regular blog posts about all of my favorite things and some fun entertaining tips. So please stay tuned. And tell your friends. K, thanks! 

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Happy New Year from JBE

2015 is your year! Here’s wishing you a happy and healthy one!

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7 Tips For Having A Fabulous New Year’s Eve

If you are a regular reader of my blog then you know that New Year’s Eve holds a special place in my heart because I met my husband 12 years ago at midnight, and it was one of the greatest days of my life. I’m not typically one to make super hot party plans every year because, since I’ve met him, I’m happy just to spend time together. That being said, I do love any excuse to have a good time, and I always have a GREAT time on New Year’s Eve just by following these simple tips.
1. Splurge on the good champagne. Listen, it’s a special night and you probably don’t drink champagne very often so why not splurge a little and get the good stuff! I’m not saying you have to go all Dom Perignon on me, just step it up a bit from the $12.99 Korbel. Trust me, you will enjoy your night so much more….and lessen the hangover the next morning.

nye champagne 2
2 Eat delicious hors d’oeuvres and don’t feel guilty about it. It’s a holiday, which means all diets are off for the night. Hors d’oeuvres are my favorite kind of meal. You can have a little taste of so many different things and they’re usually pretty decadent (read: delicious). So treat yourself and have more than 1 or 2.

nye h-d
3 Download the uber app.  It’s not very chic to get a DUI so skip the embarrassment (and a potentially worse situation) and take an Uber home at the end of the night.

nye uber
4 Have hangover cures ready. My go-to’s after a fun night of drinking are Execdrin Migraine and tons of coconut water but do whatever works for you. Maybe it’s a little hair of the dog? Maybe it’s a greasy cheeseburger? Whatever it is, have it ready and easily accessible for New Year’s Day.

nye hangover
5 Wear something sparkly. Load on the bling. You can’t wear too much on New Year’s Eve. Go nuts. I promise it will make you happy.

NYE sparkle
6 Avoid drama. This could be my number one rule for any night on the town, but especially New Year’s Eve. If you’re friend is going to start crying hysterically at 10pm because she’s not going to have someone to kiss at midnight…nor someone to ever kiss again in her entire life…you may want to choose some other friends to hang with for the night.  New Year’s Eve is when our entire world celebrates our lil’ blue planet making it through another year so please save that drama for your mama.

nye drama

7 Kiss someone at midnight. I’m not necessarily talking about a wet sloppy kiss here, I’m just sayin’, whether it’s your boyfriend, best friend, or your baby, make sure you’re feeling the love at midnight.

nye kiss 2

Happy New Year from Jaime Byrne Events!

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Merry Christmas from JBE


Hope Santa was good to you all! God bless and have yourselves a merry one!

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‘Tis the Season …of wrapping

Here’s some gift wrapping inspiration for those of you who waited ’til the last minute like I did! Today will be a day of wrapping for me. Hope I can make mine look this good. ‘Tis the season!!








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Happy Thanksgiving from JBE

Let’s all feast and give thanks for the many blessings in our lives. Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday! Gobble gobble y’all!

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Placecards Galore

Today I’m setting my table and writing out placecards. How do you personalize your Thanksgiving table?









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Thanksgiving Feasting

It is the most wonderful time of year….no, not because it’s almost Christmas… because, my friend, it’s Thanksgiving!  Thanksgiving is THE BEST holiday of the year. By far.  The sole responsibility of this holiday is to fill our bellies and be thankful. I can be very good at both of these things.  There’s no wrapping gifts, no shopping, no presents, no putting up a tree….just set a pretty table and feast! Okay, sure!  Seriously, find me a better holiday.

Here’s some inspiration for your feasting…

tgiving table 2  tgiving table 01 tgiving table 02 tgiving table 9 tgiving table 5tgiving table 7   tgiving table 4 tgiving table 3tgiving table 6 tgiving table 2tgiving table 0 Thanksgiving buffet, wide shot of all menu items tgiving table

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Happy Veteran’s Day from JBE

veteran day

Today we solute and honor all of the men and women who have served our country.  I especially want to mention my grandfather who fought for our country’s freedom in World War II.  He was lucky enough to make it home safely, have a family and watch it grow, and pass away at the age of 93 peacefully in his bed with his whole family around him.  He knew how blessed he was…and so do I.  I also know there are many soldiers who are not as fortunate.  That is why today, Veteran’s Day, is so important. Today we thank, honor and salute all soldiers, past and present, for their tremendous sacrifice and bravery. Thank you for fighting for our freedom.  I am proud to be an American!


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Fall Wedding Inspiration

Being that today is the first day of autumn, I got very excited for everything fall! It’s by far my favorite season and definitely what I miss most about growing up in the Northeast. Fall was definitely the most fun time of year where I grew up in Connecticut, and I’m sure it still is.  There’s tons of apple picking, pumpkin carving, trees turning so many different shades of red and orange. And hay rides with hot apple cider! And who could forget the delicious apple pies my mom bakes with all of the apples we pick? I mean, does it get any better?  Autumn is also a beautiful time of year a wedding. No matter where you live.  So, inspired by the season change, I pulled together some of my favorite fall wedding inspirations.

fall 6 fall post 1 fall post 2 fall post 3 fall post 4 fall post 9fall post 5 fall post 8 fall 15 fall 14 fall psot 12



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